Anna Crexells has an excellent technical background with respect to her work, which she performs with confidence and skill. I would not hesitate to call her a professional of great depth.

Mariella Devia

I have nothing but praise for her work and cooperation. She is an excellent accompanist and vocal coach. She has been a trusted collaborator for me.

Alain Guingal

She is a pianist and vocal coach of the highest calibre, with many years’ experience accompanying and coaching singers. Her playing is brilliant, sensitive and imaginative. She follows the singers perfectly, offering a refined and solid interpretation.

Maciej Pikulski

She has always distinguished herself by the maturity of her interpretations, the seriousness in the study of the works that was not limited to the technical-artistic aspect, achieving a more expressive and convincing interpretation.

Cecilio Tieles

Anna Crexells is an extraordinary accompanist. She is the suitable cushion for a soloist, she has an extremely subtle and delicate pulsation which allows to perform from the most absolute pp to the most powerful FF. Musical and flexible, she is the perfect pianist that everyone wants to listen to.

Salvador Brotons
Composer, conductor, flautist

Anna Crexells is a delicate pianist dedicated to Chamber Music. She is gifted with real musicality: she always reaches the level of excellence in her performances, she has a music culture which allows her to take many different repertoires, from instrumental to lied with singers, with identical integration.
She is brilliant, elegant, well educated and discreet; qualities which transcend in each of her performances. It is a pleasure having her with us, she is an exigent and serious professional.

Jordi Roch i Bosch
Honorary President and Founder of the Schubertiada

Anna is a dear friend and teacher. It has been great working with her. She is the best.

Giacomo Aragall

Pianist Anna Crexells always finds in each work the best balance between the composer and performer, between tradition and modernity. She is a magnificent pianist beating all difficulties in quantity and variety of composers and styles together with the singers in concerts. A delicate yet distinguished pianist, attracting discrete attention, she is a good support and gives confidence to the soloist.

Roman Galimany
Music Curator